I watch it as the soap opera in my life. It’s allowed me to stop watching the Australian soaps that ruled my teen years. There are shows like Grey’s which are great because they give those of us who are unable to commit to a weekday soap the opportunity to still watch ridiculous melodrama. Also any show that can turn… » 4/24/15 1:40pm Friday 1:40pm

Do you think some of it is to do with the fact they baby her a lot? or do they baby her because she is disabled? Because in the episode where the little girls stayed at Derrick and Jill’s Jill was spoon feeding her breakfast, now my nephew spooned his own cereal at 2/3 and Josie seems like she could manage that. » 4/23/15 10:30pm Thursday 10:30pm

Even if there were an “innocent” explanation the Police have a duty of care to those in their custody. If he was thrashing about in the van and fell then they still should have secured him better. There is no explanation to this where the police are not somewhat to blame. It ranges from homicide to neglect. » 4/23/15 2:12pm Thursday 2:12pm

This would be true if plenty of poor and middle class people weren’t being born and then being raised in major cities across the world. I’m from one of the most expensive cities in the world; I was born here, I was raised here, my mother was born here and raised here. Where are we supposed to want to live? » 4/22/15 6:02pm Wednesday 6:02pm