CJ Cregg is a great character but throughout the West Wing she is seen saying things, being ignored and then being right. I never know if Sorkin is making a point about women in high powered positions or he just doesn't like writing things where the women get to be right and their suggestion gets to actually solve a… » 4/23/14 7:48pm Today 7:48pm

I had a conversation recently when a friend emotionally told me that he wants me to find my dream job and be successful because I deserve it. I told him I just want to find a job that doesn't crush my confidence, self-belief and destroy me physically (as my last "dream job") did. I also told him it's ok to do something… » 4/23/14 11:53am Today 11:53am

What you have to understand is that rape is a crime that is very difficult to convict because almost all rapists will say "it was consensual" the moment there is evidence of their DNA in a rape kit. If they pled down to a lower charge and he willingly pled guilty to it, it's 100% he knows he committed a crime and doesn't … » 4/23/14 10:51am Today 10:51am

Yes, maybe not Everton but I'd wager right now both Arsenal centre backs look superior (there was even talk of a January bid for Vermaelen in the last window), Ramsey, Wilshere, hell even Arteta and Flamini have looked better than Utd's cms. Mesut Ozil is a world class player, his passing has been a joy to behold this… » 4/22/14 11:52am Yesterday 11:52am

Peggy is probably racist, she made a comment last week about her upstairs neighbour (who is hispanic) and not understanding her. She didn't want to buy the house because of the dangerous (I read ethnic) neighbourhood. She was raised in a Catholic family in a white area of Brooklyn. » 4/21/14 8:45pm Monday 8:45pm