If you are interested in how this is happening in other countries, case in point my home of London, here is a great piece about one of the great achievements of social housing the Woodberry Down Estate and how the council have run it down to the point they can sell it off and redevelop, creating a diaspora of working… » 10/30/14 10:19pm Yesterday 10:19pm

Another neighbour etiquette question

What is the politest way to tell your neighbours to fuck off? Basically my downstairs people have been coming up more regularly asking for me to turn my tv down. I know this takes faith on your part but it's not that loud. It's quiet enough that if it's on you can't hear it in the room next door. I know noise travels… » 10/30/14 6:30pm Yesterday 6:30pm

So I posted the catcalling video on facebook, no surprises what happened

Today I was bored at work so I posts a guardian article about that car calling video. The responses I got made me sad, I thought I had a pretty kind, compassionate and liberal group of friends, but I was apparently too optimistic. Some of the nicest guys I know (in a non-fedora-y way) posted about how "saying hi isn't… » 10/30/14 2:12pm Yesterday 2:12pm

So brave but I think she's measured this properly, she is famous, she is also a Captain in the Air Force, which means she has more credibility in some ways to go up against a famous and popular man and his defenders. She probably has more chance of being believed than those who are seen as wanting their moment of… » 10/29/14 9:43pm Wednesday 9:43pm

I know I'm late to the party but just wanted to say thank you for yet another framing of street harassment I hadn't been able to articulate. From now on when a man says "they are just being friendly" I can point out that if they were just being friendly I'd have seen them saying hello to every guy they passed to. You… » 10/29/14 11:15am Wednesday 11:15am

It all depends on the length and comfort of the journey. If a pair get on the tube and I have a way that my moving let's them sit together I will (obviously only if I can still sit down), I might on a plane because I don't care about windows much but on a coach or long bus journey hell no I would not give up a window… » 10/28/14 5:29pm Tuesday 5:29pm